Photography is one of my main hobbies and a source of small income. I invest more in the hobby than getting out of it so its not exactly a business.

After the point-and-click times, in 1995 I had the first experience with think,compose,shoot at IAA in Frankfurt. When the pictures were developed I was hooked to photography, not because they were great but because I wanted to be able to make better ones.

The current equipment is the same for some time as I am still happy with it.

Here is a short overview:


Photos to view:
Photos to buy:


currently I’d like to do travel photograpy and am keen on taking portrait pictures. Also I’m quite interested in studio photography and am building up some hands-on knowledge in that area.

prior assignments

  • events, club photography
  • pictures for business websites
  • product photography
  • sports
  • travel photography
  • underwater photography
  • weddings

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