Jeep JK Unlimited – 2014 Polar Edition

My current travel companion car-wise is a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 3.6l, Polar Edition which I got fresh (36 km on the tachometer) in April of 2014. Quite a change to its predecessor this car supports me on my travels.
Update 2016-06: Gobi Stealth roof rack and roof tent.

28 Countries visited so far with the Jeep, no double mentionings:

Germany 2014-04
Austria 2014-04
Hungary 2014-04
Italy 2014-05
Czech Republic 2014-06
Norway 2014-06
Finland 2014-07
Sweden 2014-07
Denmark 2014-07
France 2014-08
Monaco 2014-08
Spain 2014-08
Switzerland 2014-08
Belgium 2015-04
Luxemburg 2015-04
Slovenia 2015-08
Croatia 2015-08
Serbia 2015-08
Bosnia Herzegovina 2015-08
Montenegro 2015-08
Albania 2015-08
Liechtenstein 2016-05
Slovakia 2016-07
Ukraine 2016-07
Romania 2016-07
Poland 2017-07
Gibraltar 2018-05
Andorra 2018-05

Often, tires are not mentioned. My Jeep came with the following ones:
BRIDGESTONE D 840 – 255/70R18 113 S

Update – Winter tires: Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 – 275/65R18

Navigation system/EVIC
After some initial learning (selecting/copying music from USB stick to HDD of car takes really long) I am now familiar with the multimedia system.
Currently using audio streaming via bluetooth from mobile phone.

The navi is not a stable one. After hours of zooming and audio streaming it can loose voice(no music, no navi info). So far only car turning off/on with a pause in between resets that – very annoying.
However, after an Update to a later version, most of the annoying part of the Navi is gone.


1) Why the power dome? Basically it gets dirty quite easy and after some rain you drive your private puddle around:


2) Where is the first aid kit / warn triangle?
They are NOT part of the new car, very bad.
Bought a pack including warn west and stored it below the seats.
Tip: check regularly for expiration dates.

3) Do I have equipment to change the tires?
Yes, basic stuff(car jack) is found at the compartment below back door.

4) Service interval of just 12.000km on the V6 3.6l is quite short, especially for long distance explorers.

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