With the car I went to a small Hotel right in the old city of Buda. A small adventure was to find the entry to the parking lot but I finally found it and successfully parked the car there for the two nights of my stay.

To maximize the input of Prague and with my very good experience in Jerusalem, the next morning I opted for the free tours of Sandeman (New Prague Tours). I did the basic tour and right afterwards the castle tour. Quite exhausting because we had great weather and so it was hot and sunny.
Karel, the guide did a good job on both tours and I have seen far more than I could do on my own in such a short time.
Afterwards I was able to visit the Museum of Communism (same entry as the casino: Muzeum komunismu) which showed very good the different stages of uprising and oppression. I was quite touched by the videos which showed how the protesters were singled out and stopped.

The next day I went to Kutna Hora by car to see the huge cathedral, quite morbid bone chapel and church of the Cistercians (they also founded Kloster Eberbach near my hometown).

The next stop of my trip was the Völkerschlachtdenkmal near Leipzig just to make a picture if the new car compared to my last visit there with the old car 🙂

Then off to Merseburg, a nice little town and former city of the German emperors which was my base for the offroad festival 2014.

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