After visiting the huge Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig we went to Dresden. The Autobahn between Leipzig and Dreseden was not heavily used during the daytime.

For dinner we went to Suppenbar, a soup bar in the Neustadt, north of old city center. They offered several kinds of soups including vegetarian ones. I opted for a Bauernsuppe (peasant soup) which was quite delicious and spicy. The interior looked simple and modern, invited us to extensive talks by the indirect light and colored walls.

The next morning at another venue we had to wait for quite some time for breakfast and went to the MHM (Militärhistorisches Museum), the museum of military history. It is run by the Bundeswehr and was reopened 2011 with a new design by Daniel Liebeskind. It shows history of military starting in medieval time up until today with parts of the current military endeavours of the Bundeswehr, for instance in Afghanistan.
I recommend to attend the tour which roughly gives you an overview of the huge 10.000m² area. Afterwards we went through the different areas, in the end we were exhausted and a bit short of time as the museum closed.

The old city centre was really impressive and is completely restaurated. The huge buildings show the power of the saxony rulers from the past. Zwinger, Semperoper and Frauenkirche are just parts of that ensemble of old buildings.
Frauenkirche was not as expected on the inside its just painted concrete instead of real marble.

As a conclusion I am looking forward to come back and see more of this exciting area, but next time in the summer.

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