The beautiful island of Bali is part of Indonesia. After arrival by plane we immediately started to explore with the driver Mr. Bomber. Sculptures, a traditonal dance by the cliffs and a romantic beach dinner setup were quite a nice start.

My first Bintang beer (Bintang means star).

Late in the night we finally arrived at the great Pandaman villas, a luxury retreat. Each villa has its own pool. The beach sand is grey/black because it is volcanic.

Saturday started with a second dance performance. Stop two was the Waterfall. A big waterfall threw brown (soil) water to a valley. Then we went to the Indiana Jones setting of the Temple of Doom and an elderly farmer lady in the rice paddies accompanied me to a small and clean waterfall.

Lunch was at a nice restaurant above a great scenery of rice paddies. After that we went to a cat poo coffee farm and had the famous Kopi Luwak. At the end some shopping in tourist area and back to our villa.

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