2016 Euro Expedition: Pohoda, High Tatras, Ukraine, Romania

The 2016 Euro Expedition followed the following route:
Starting point was Munich, Germany and from there with the Jeep to Vienna, Austria and onwards to Trencin/Pohoda festival for a long weekend. We moved on to High Tatras mountains to climb the beautiful area and north-western peak of Rysy mountain (2499m).

After that I pushed alone to Košice, the easternmost big Slovakian city and from there over the border to Uzhhorod, Ukraine. From there to Ivano-Frankivsk and further to Chernivtsi to visit the famous university.
This was also the last big city in Ukraine, from there I went south to Vornet, Romania to visit the monastery which is quite a touristy place nowadays. The big city I stayed a bit was Cluj-Napoca in the west which is quite a busy place also with a few fine vegan restaurants (go to Samsara).

Next spot was camping in Budapest, Hungary at Arena Camping before the final trip back to Munich.

Equipment-wise this was the first time I used my roof tent. Despite two zipper incidents it was quite good (sleeping comfort, build-up time). Also first for me: crawling around on the roof of the Jeep.

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