Samsung SSD: EVO 840 / 1TB

The Macbook Pro got a harddisk upgrade: the old 750GB HDD was replaced by a new 1TB SSD by Samsung, the EVO 840 Series.

The replacement was done in less than 10 minutes as described by

However, afterwards I tried to put the data from the old (now external) harddisk to the new one with Apple’s Disk Utility (press command and R at boot time).
A popup with Error 22 showed up – no further description.
The issue was solved when creating a single partition Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) on the target drive. Then the copy process just took around 11 hours.

Now the machine is much faster as described in many online sources, a little bit lighter and you can only hear the rear fans if quite some work is done.

Worth it: yes!

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