Casablanca, last day of trip

Casablanca (casa blanca means white house) is start and end of our trip. The quirly city is quite a contrast to the other big cities. Night clubs, the ocean boulevard and the beach with horse riding opportunities as well as countless soccer/football players one one side, the small medina and vast housing areas on the other side.
The grand Hassan II mosque in between those areas reaches out to the atlantic ocean.

And of course the international airport as starting and end point for so many visitors including myself.

A tour through the mosque includes praying room, wash room below and hammam. Watch out for starting times as they shift one hour during DST (instead of 14h its at 15h).


After a walk through the Medina which looked not nearly like the ones in Marrakesh or Fes we went to Rick’s Cafe, a very nice restaurant to have birthday dinner. I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Au revoir Maroc!


After early breakfast we were brought by our guide to the entrance gate of the medina. Fes is one of the four royal cities and also the oldest one, it was founded 900 AD.

Medina, University, royal palace, tanery, small stores (carpet, pottery), old jewish quarter, hill with tombs.

evening: dinner in new city

Marrakesh to Fez, Day 2

Day 2

After early breakfast we’re heading out to see Sahara.

valley of gorges was great, between the mountains was a narrow road.

berber villages

irrigation (hatarra) system. many holes in the earth from mountains to oasis. 30m to surface level

risani, initial city of the family of current king. his 26th grandfather, founder of the dynasty is buried here.

merzouga. a mother was travelling with her little boy and demands food and water of a rich family. they denied and were punished by god. after a strong sandstorm dunes covered the area.

short stop at hotel de petit prince. With a group of ten from all over the world we wemt by camels to our night camp in Sahara desert.

erg chebbi

dinner, music

Day 3

In the early morning everybody ram ip the dunes to see sunrise. After a short intermission in sandboarding which looks like snowboarding except on sand we went back to Petite Prince by camels.

Back in base camp we had breakfast and buckeled up. After saying goodby to the other camp tourists we went on with our voyage to Fez.

First stop was a weekly market nearby where donkeys, sheep andanything else is sold.

Short stop at one end of Z valley.

Nice tour through the countryside which went hilly when we entered middle atlas. Bee boxes. Then Midal, a city looking typical european and amzingly with the same climate as northern europe. People grow apples here. Good view to the highest mountain of middle atlas which is covered with snow.

Azru / Cedar forest national park – monkeys and dogs wait for food from visitors.

Ifrane, part of moroccon switzerland.
Holiday houses for the rich and a private university.

Fez. Arrival at Riad Layla in the medina.

Marrakesh to Fez, Day 1

In the morning we had a short breakfast and were accompanied by Saïd to Djemma El-Fna for pickup by Roughtours.
Ismael (guide) and Youssef (driver) welcomed us together with a thai couple.

We passed the high atlas on a road
with uncountable curves. It was built between 1925 – 1939. Col du Tichka.

After descending the area changed to a rocky and dry envirobment, much more desertlike than the fruitful gardens around Marrakesh.

Kasbah means house with bamboo rooftop and four towers for the four wives of the owner. We visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ksar Ait Ben Hadou with some kasbahs of the middle age.

Rushing through the town we saw Oscar studios and Tawrita Kasbah from the outside.

Segura Oasis, oasis of palm trees.

Valley of Roses

Staying at Hotel Xaluca Dades for one night.

Jardin Majorelle

After a nice breakfast we went by taxi to Jardin Majorelle. Mr. Majorelle created this garden which was revamped by Yves Saint Laurent and is now maintained by Fondation Pierre Bergé. The clean and nice garden area mostly shows off cactuses and palm trees.


Entrance fee is 50d to the garden and to the Berber museum additional 25d. The museum exhibits clothing and items of daily use like cloth making tools, boxes and honey bee tools.

At the little café inside the park zip on a small Jus Majorelle to freshen up.

Mosque that was never built.

Just over the street Cafe El Koutoubia. Deux eau minérale (2x 9d) et un café au lait (12d).

In the south we went to the rooftop of a nice loungy restaurant called Kosybar to have a top view of a small market place:



Time issue: DST

We found out today that iPhone did not get the current daylight saving time change in Morocco.
Basically we’re one hour behind proper time. Lucky us our host recognized it on time.

Did you know that there are two DST timeframes in Morocco for 2012? Poor people have to change their watches 4 times.

Daylight Saving Time in Morocco 2012:

DST started on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 2:00 AM local standard time
DST ends on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 3:00 AM local daylight time
DST starts on Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 2:00 AM local standard time
DST ends on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 3:00 AM local daylight time

Lost in Marrakesh

We arrived by train at Marrakesh main station. Ticket Casablanca – Marrakesh, 2nd class is 91 Dirham per person and the travel takes about 3 hours.

After taxi dropped us off nearby a nice boy brought us to the riad (hostel).

Now we are sitting in a restaurant whose name I don’t know and which is in a street I also don’t know. As we are staying in a side branch of our riad I also don’t know how to get back.
Officially lost in Marrakesh.



At least no need to be hungry. Delicious food awaits us.


A short trip to Morocco

Sitting at the gate in Frankfurt and awaiting the departure of flight LH1330 to Casablanca. Planned so far is visiting Marrakesh, Sahara desert and Fes until return to Casablanca.

Lets check if we find some Argan oil.


As veggie dish in the plane (Airbus A321) I had Korkenziehernudel Arrabiata