First time out

After some extensive working days cumulating in one big 25hrs session finally the workload decreases and immediately the time is used to explore the surroundings.

Atanu, Utsav, Lubos and me hit the inorbit mall and afterwards a bar district where we entered Shisha Cafe.

Lubos tried Kingfisher beer:

Yes – 1.5l, but shared with Atanu 🙂 Also for this picture I used my new Manfrotto ML360 for face lighting. However the Kingfisher is our main subject here, so lack of eye sharpness is excuseable.

Got my first Inseltee / Long Island Ice Tea in India:

Omelette with Koriander and Cheri, Cheri Lady

At breakfast I ordered the usual omelette with unusual ingredients like Koriander. Suddenly the next song of the background music started and surprise: German music in Pune?

Cheri, Cheri Lady by Modern Talking for breakfast.

Song heard also the next morning – no coincidence, so it must be a CD or something played every morning. The only possibility to avoid it might be to attend earlier. However quite funny to hear it during morning hours.

Fun fact: the song was released in 1985 and was a number one hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway.

Pune: Welcome to India

After a quite relaxing flight to Pune the plane arrived at 3am local time. Baggage pickup and customs were quick. Soon I found my driver to the Hotel. The short ride through the night of Pune streets showed only slight sneak peeks due to the darkness.

Until end of November 2011 this will me my base for going to work and check out the surroundings.

The Hotel is in Magarpatta City, an integrated township in the middle of Pune.

Pune, also known as the “Oxford of the East” is the eigth largest Metropolis in India and situated in Maharashtra state. It is known as town since 937 AD.