tourist tour south goa

Yesterday we went to south Goa and saw quite some tourist attractions.

After a bumpy and wet (through river) ride with a Jeep in Mollem National Park we went to Dudhsagar waterfalls. I checked out the cold spring water – had a great waterfall shower.
Monkeys were everywhere. Some had red faces. The guide told me that these are the females. As some human females they use red stuff to beautify their faces.

Elephant ride
After the waterfall swim we had a short and expensive ride with an elephant around the corner.

Spice plantation
Betelnuts, Chilli, Coffee and many more plants were explained to us.

Churches and Temples
Checked a shiva temple on the way to the famous churches.

During the rides between locations we saw glimpses of a tyre company, Kingfisher beer and some ore mining areas. Unbelievably were the kilometer-long lines of ore trucks everywhere which smoked the air with thick diesel clouds. Just one little railroad track instead?

In the night we went to famous but quite remote Curlys bar and club near Anjuna.

Today we will fly back with Kingfisher red, an airline which shuts down soon.


We had our trip in a Sleeperbus to Goa, started about at 21hrs in the night and we arrived before 8 in the morning. Despite the fact that this was quite a long and shaky bus trip we were still able to walk. This was my first time in a sleeper bus and now I know what 2+1 means. Choosing a lower compartment was good. Pictures? Let’s go: