Casablanca, last day of trip

Casablanca (casa blanca means white house) is start and end of our trip. The quirly city is quite a contrast to the other big cities. Night clubs, the ocean boulevard and the beach with horse riding opportunities as well as countless soccer/football players one one side, the small medina and vast housing areas on the other side.
The grand Hassan II mosque in between those areas reaches out to the atlantic ocean.

And of course the international airport as starting and end point for so many visitors including myself.

A tour through the mosque includes praying room, wash room below and hammam. Watch out for starting times as they shift one hour during DST (instead of 14h its at 15h).


After a walk through the Medina which looked not nearly like the ones in Marrakesh or Fes we went to Rick’s Cafe, a very nice restaurant to have birthday dinner. I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Au revoir Maroc!

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