Photography thought: is it too heavy?

After our recent trip to Berlin I started overthinking my photography equipment and habits. I came to the conclusion that the current setup might not be the optimal one.

Basically the Canon 5D Mark II is too bulky for me to snap quick food blog posts in restaurants (probably even with tripod), also the process of developing pictures via computer is usually not an option there. For that task I use my iPhone SE, modify the pictures with the Lightroom app there and post them directly to Instagram. However, especially in low light conditions I like to be more flexible without getting too much attention of other guests and staff.

My thoughts now go to the Fujifilm area where I already had some test runs at several Photokinas, latest talk and hands-on at the 2016 Photokina with the top X series models which were quite impressive. Basically it seems the system provides everything I need in that area: crisp and excellent picture quality combined with easy dial-based change of camera settings. More and more I look into easy to carry and small equipment with a low profile to the surrounding crowds. As always: the best camera is the one you have at hands.

So if more areas (street and travel photography, especially offroad) might benefit of the more compact Fujifilm equipment I might start using it for work.

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