Mamiya M645 1000S & Bergger Pancro 400

After cleaning the camera, renewing the light seals of the film compartment and checking basic functionality I can finally fill up a roll of 120 black&white film into this Mamiya M645 1000S, quite a step up in medium format camera compared to the Agfa Billy Record. With 6×4.5 it will be 15 pictures, and already three test shots have been done to see if the lens alignment is sharp at the distances selected.

Let’s see how the result will look like. Used the 35mm version of the Bergger Pancro 400 together with the Minolta X-700 before so it will be quite interesting to see how the grain will look on three times larger images. Hopefully soon I can show the results.

Also I’m very interested in how my digitising process will hold up compared to 35mm film. Currently I do it with the Fujifilm X-T2 and the 7artisans 60mm Macro lens which works quite well.

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