new speakers: nuLine 34

On the way back from my native place in Rheingau I went via Schwäbisch Gmünd to visit Nubert, a company focused on audio speakers. While my initial research was focused on the nuLine 24 or nuBox 483, the excellent and attentive staff helped me to find a pair of speakers to use with the old Braun Regie 520 I brought over to Munich. After quite some thorough hearing tests with different kinds of music in two of their sound test studios (first the small ones, later the large ones). I finally decided to go for a pair of the nuLine 34 which provide me with great sound and are still able to be powered by the old receiver without issues and the difference to the nuLine 24 was quite impressive.
At the end they even gave me free adapters for the audio cable to connect to the old Din sockets in my receiver.

Jeep in front right after picking up the new speakers:

Check the nuLine 34 at Amazon:
Nubert nuLine 34 – Regallautsprecher (Stück)

Samsung SSD: EVO 840 / 1TB

The Macbook Pro got a harddisk upgrade: the old 750GB HDD was replaced by a new 1TB SSD by Samsung, the EVO 840 Series.

The replacement was done in less than 10 minutes as described by

However, afterwards I tried to put the data from the old (now external) harddisk to the new one with Apple’s Disk Utility (press command and R at boot time).
A popup with Error 22 showed up – no further description.
The issue was solved when creating a single partition Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) on the target drive. Then the copy process just took around 11 hours.

Now the machine is much faster as described in many online sources, a little bit lighter and you can only hear the rear fans if quite some work is done.

Worth it: yes!

Mac OS X – switch between multiple windows of one application:command + `

It’s always easy if you know how it works – I wanted to switch between different windows of Firefox (not tabs) on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4).

Easy way:
just press command and ` together – voilà, next window.

Thorough way:
go to System Preferences..., Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts.
There you find the options on how to navigate through the system once you selected Keyboard & Text Input on the left list view.

Kindle 4 broken just before next trip

The display of my new Kindle 4 just got broken one week before the next extensive trip.


I instantly contacted Amazon via the web interface, they automatically called me back via phone.
Basically the support agent asked me if it fell down or was in contact with water. Then he directly started the process of sending me one as a replacement.

Luckily I got the replacement one on time. Thanks for the good customer support Amazon.

2015-05-09 Short update:
2nd Kindle still works flawless, the Amazon Kindle Zip Sleeve protects it for two years now.