Lightroom editing with Midi: Behringer X-Touch Mini

To improve my Adobe Lightroom workflow I plan to use the Behringer X-Touch Mini to edit pictures faster and focusing on the tools in photo edit view.

Some reviewers suggest to use MIDI2LR, however I’m still with Lightroom 4. Let’s see if it works, otherwise the first good reason to go after current version 6.

Click if you want to buy Behringer X-Touch Mini at Amazon.

This post will be updated once I got the X-Touch Mini.

Büroequipment: Vergleich zweier günstiger USB-Mäuse: Amazon vs. Logitech

Die beiden Mäuse AmazonBasics und Logitech B100 sind bei uns im Einsatz. Durch den günstigen Preis sind die beiden Mäusesorten immer mit ein paar Stück im Schrank für den schnellen Austausch bereit.


AmazonBasics USB-Maus mit 3 Schaltflächen (schwarz):

  • Standardmaus, angerauhte Oberfläche, für große Hände etwas zu klein
  • Verrichtet klaglos ihren Dienst am Mac
  • Zeiger bewegt sich etwas schneller in Standardeinstellung

Logitech B100 Optical Business Mouse, schwarz

  • Standardmaus, glatte Oberfläche, für große Hände geeignet
  • Verrichtet klaglos ihren Dienst am Mac
  • Zeiger bewegt sich etwas langsamer in Standardeinstellung

Fazit: Logitech für große Hände, AmazonBasics macht wertigeren Eindruck.

AWS PopupLoft in München

Habe eine Einladung von Amazon Web Services zur Besichtigung des temporären Pop-up Loft München bekommen, nicht weit vom Hauptbahnhof (Briennerstrasse 49).

Auf drei Ebenen gibt es Vorträge, Schulungen, einen Workspace und Demos.
Im Keller kann man Echo als Sprachsteuerung in Verbindung mit einer Carrerabahn bewundern, sich selbst Cloud-unterstützt ein Legomännchen zusammenbasteln und direkt am Eingang einen Amazon Snowball inspizieren – die Lösung, um große Datenmengen via verschlüsselter Plattensysteme in die Cloud zu befördern statt via Internet zu übertragen.

Fazit: Sehr zu empfehlen, Eintritt/Vorträge sind kostenlos und bieten sich zum Networken an.

Netgear GS716T v3: update Firmware

After trying to see the Device View which is a Java applet I just got a message by my browser that it is blocked. Checked the firmware version and the installed one is older than available on the netgear homepage.

Easy steps to update
I downloaded

Upload (save current image)
I saved the current version (named image1) by navigating to Maintenance > Upload > HTTP File Upload, then File Type = archive and Image Name = image1. After clicking APPLY, you can download the current image of the switch.

Download (write new image)
After that I went to Maintenance > Download > HTTP File Download and put the new .stk filewhich is part of the firmware .zip to the switch.

Activating Image
Now to Maintenance > File Management > Dual Image Configuration to activate image2. I also named it according to the firmware version and clicked APPLY. I double-checked via the menu item Dual Image Status:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 22.14.39

Reboot switch
After that I did Maintenance > Reset > Device Reboot. Once the switch was back again after about 2 minutes I checked the used firmware version and it showed the new one. Then I navigated to Device View and – it now works with Java 8. Mission accomplished.

Jinbei Digital Pioneer III 300

Just recieved a new Jinbei Digital Pioneer III 300 to accompany the one I got a couple of years ago in Singapore. Interestingly they look quite a bit different despite the same name. Especially added 2.4GHz Receiver and faster recharge times after flashing are quite nice. Also the buttons look different, now there is a Flash Energy Output Control Knob instead of mere +/- buttons.
Now I have to check if the lights are still comparable (same light temperature, same flash power levels).

Pictures of the unboxing:



Comparison between old and new DPIII 300:

Side view of old one:

Back panel of old one:

Side view of new one:

Back panel of new one:

Managed Switch: Netgear GS716T v3

To bump up the connection and also avoid sloppy Wifi rates around my flat I went a bit further than just buying a cheap switch and got a 16 port managed switch, the Netgear GS716T-300EUS Smart Managed Switch.
Downside of the cheap Netgear device is that the management software is only available for Microsoft Windows, not for Linux or MacOSX. However, web configuration is possible and everything important should be available via the web interface.

Next I Installed Nagios which was not that easy as the primary hints on how to do it via homebrew were wrong/bad. I found an older instruction which helped me to get there. The switch was now able to tell me via SNMP that the intended ports were up and how long it was turned on so far.

Pictures of opening the box:



Maker Faire Munich

On 16th and 17th January 2016 the Maker Faire took place in Zenithhalle/Munich. Workshops, stalls, events, presentations and a robot soccer area offered a view into the maker scene. It was not only about electronics but also covering clothing, food and even woodworks.

I enjoyed quite a bit of it on both days and at the end brought back a self soldered (and working) Hacklace which is offered as parts kit by Mr. Andre was so nice to show me how the soldering is done right.

Besides that I attended several quite interesting talks like The Future of the Maker by Bruce Sterling including him pointing out listen to the women and some good questions by the audience.

Another very interesting perspective by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Langenberg: REPARATUR – Anstiftung zum Denken und Machen. She opens the view to the architects perspective on how repairment would aid in a more efficient world and that a single house requires quantities more energy than most DIY items the maker scene is focusing on.


new speakers: nuLine 34

On the way back from my native place in Rheingau I went via Schwäbisch Gmünd to visit Nubert, a company focused on audio speakers. While my initial research was focused on the nuLine 24 or nuBox 483, the excellent and attentive staff helped me to find a pair of speakers to use with the old Braun Regie 520 I brought over to Munich. After quite some thorough hearing tests with different kinds of music in two of their sound test studios (first the small ones, later the large ones). I finally decided to go for a pair of the nuLine 34 which provide me with great sound and are still able to be powered by the old receiver without issues and the difference to the nuLine 24 was quite impressive.
At the end they even gave me free adapters for the audio cable to connect to the old Din sockets in my receiver.

Jeep in front right after picking up the new speakers:

Check the nuLine 34 at Amazon:
Nubert nuLine 34 – Regallautsprecher (Stück)

Samsung SSD: EVO 840 / 1TB

The Macbook Pro got a harddisk upgrade: the old 750GB HDD was replaced by a new 1TB SSD by Samsung, the EVO 840 Series.

The replacement was done in less than 10 minutes as described by

However, afterwards I tried to put the data from the old (now external) harddisk to the new one with Apple’s Disk Utility (press command and R at boot time).
A popup with Error 22 showed up – no further description.
The issue was solved when creating a single partition Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) on the target drive. Then the copy process just took around 11 hours.

Now the machine is much faster as described in many online sources, a little bit lighter and you can only hear the rear fans if quite some work is done.

Worth it: yes!