Lightroom Classic CC 7.3: Here are the Fujifilm Presets

After updating to the current Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version, I did not find the famous Fujifilm presets like Velvia, Classic Chrome etc. anymore. As Adobe changed and extended their own Presets, I was eager to find the Fujifilm ones – and found them.

Let’s quickly look at where they are now in three easy steps.

First, go to the Develop module. On the right pane, open the Basic tab:
Second, you will find the Profile option, default is Adobe Color. Here you click on Adobe Color and a small menu opens:Third, click on the Browse option and then you found it again. Now open the Camera Matching tab and you will find the specific Fujifilm color profiles:

Best regards and have fun with the settings.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Hups, didn’t know that – my old wireless keyboard is updatable for some years and I missed that? Not really, as it happened already automagically. Here you can check which device you have: How to identify.

My firmware version of the 2011 wireless keyboard is already up-to-date: Firmware Version: 0x0050